where to find us

free range eggs

Our hens are treated with the utmost care and respect resulting in amazing eggs.  Healthy, tasty and fresh. 

pasture raised Lamb

We are proud of our lamb.  We take great pride in how we farm by taking excellent care of our animals.  The result is a product that you can enjoy knowing ethics are of utmost importance to us.

Come visit us for your eggs and lamb at many of the Farmers Markets in Edmonton, Ft. McMurray and Sherwood Park.  

excellent quality Alberta lamb; lean, tender and mild. We sell whole or half Alberta lamb, Halal lamband individual cuts like lamb chops, rack of lamb, lamb shank, lamb legs roasts and more. Our lambs are raised on pasture and without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, animal by-products or chemical insecticides. We believe in a self sustaining life style. So in early 2013 we embarked into the exciting venture of raising our own chickens for meat and for fresh, free range eggs. Today because of our homestead and self sustaining philosophy and dedication to raising happy hens we have over 200 free range laying hens that provide us with amazing brown eggs.