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We are a longstanding family farm in the Lamont County area.  Our focus is to provide the best quality forage and bedding for your livestock.  Hay qualities available to suit livestock from horses, cattle and sheep.

Aspen Grove is always looking for fields to lease. We provide better than normal rates, reliability and quality work and pay attention to the care of your field. We operate new or almost new equipment and also provide custom cutting, baling, and bale hauling.

We pride ourselves on understanding the weather and the growth of the various plants that make up hay.  We also understand our equipment and how to get the most out of the hay in terms of cutting and baling.  As a result we have qualty hay that you can confidently feed your livestock.  Contact us to talk about quantity, round bale or square bale, and hay content. 

​Once you have found good hay for your livestock, sometimes the challenge is getting it to your farm.  Large or small loads, we can transport for you.  We have several trailers and access to semi trucks to haul for you depending on your needs.  Contact us to talk about distance and number of bales, we can ensure your live stock recieve the bedding or feed that you need when you need it.

Whether you're mixing with other feed, or using for bedding, we have a huge stock of round straw bales.  We offer both wheat and barley straw netwrapped bales, but are also able to twine bales if needed.  Contact us to talk about quantity, availability and delivery.

​We are proud of the relationships we build with our landowners.  We take exceptional care of the land and provide better than average rates.  We believe our relationship is more than  just a renter, we are partners.  Working together with landowners, we determine length of lease and work required on fields.  Contact us to talk about how we can work your land for you.