Brad and Jeanne are extremely organized and easy to work with.  No matter the situation, they are always patient and work with a smile! They are a welcome addition to our day.

Trevor Burks - General Manager

Carmen Andruchow - Office Administrator

NBI Feedyards, St. Michael, AB

Aspen Grove spans two generations with the Sabo Family.  Arthur and Lillian homesteaded the current farm over 25 years ago.  With the passing of Arthur in 2013, his son Brad, wife Jeanne and 4 kids moved to the farm to carry on the legacy.  Hay has always been the primary focus and have raised Sheep/Lamb and chickens for many years.  Brad has a natural gift for nurturing his fields and harvesting at the right time to get the best yields and that is his passion. 

Brad maintains and runs newer equipment to assist in maximizing yield.   Brad and Jeanne work hard to ensure they are providing best value to both their landowners and customers.  Always flexible with delivery or pick up, square or round, and more!  Please contact us so that we can talk about how we can help your farm.